EMN Transcription Services Ltd is a Northern Ireland based business specialising in qualitative research interviews, court cases, PACE/ABE interviews, public inquiries and focus groups, as well as consumer panels, TV, disciplinary meetings, oral histories, lectures, forensic investigations and much more.


With ten years in the business, we have built a reputation for highly accurate transcripts and excellent customer service. Central to our success is our team of transcribers who are highly trained and have work experience in a broad range of sectors. All our transcribers are native English speakers with an excellent grasp of regional accents and colloquialisms. Each transcriber undertakes the required research to ensure important meanings or terms are applied in the production of your transcripts.

Why Choose EMN?

We provide something that is very rarely seen in the transcription business, and that is the personal touch. EMN Transcription Services Ltd was founded in 2007 by Elaine Gillespie, who holds 18 years of professional experience in senior administration in various sectors including academia, the health service and charitable organisations. Elaine will be your only point of contact and will personally assist you in managing all aspects of your transcription needs.

An Experienced Team

Our team is headed by Elaine Gillespie, founder of the company. With more than 18 years of experience, you could not be in safer hands. Our team of transcribers have many years experience of working across various sectors. With a wealth of knowledge in the medical, legal and corporate world, this gives us an advantage when dealing with topics that others may find challenging.

A Personal Service

Elaine will be your point of contact in all aspects of your project. This ensures that your transcription runs smoothly and that we are giving you the level of service you deserve. Elaine will manage all facets of your transcription needs, from budgeting to quality control.


Regardless of subject matter, accent or the number of speakers, our team are here to serve you effectively in capturing exactly what is being said. With a full team of native English speakers and with an excellent grasp of regional accents this gives us the unique advantage in transcribing your recordings as accurately as possible. We understand how busy you are. Let our team undertake the necessary research to ensure that important terms and meanings are applied to your transcript as well as places, people and events, allowing you to free up your already full schedule.